Home Air Conditioning Options

Home air conditioning options are many and varied. They are an essential appliance needed to keep your home cool and comfortable especially during summer. Although these systems are available in various sizes and types, consumers are advised to buy the right ones for their homes. The selection criteria should be based on the use, how big/small your house is, and the air conditioner type. Many people, however, struggle to determine the right type of air conditioner they need. Here, Acclaim Air Conditioning System Supplier in Gold Coast outlines some of the most common types of domestic air conditioning systems that you should be aware of.

1. Window Air Conditioners

This efficient of the air conditioner is specially designed for cooling single rooms. As the wall mounted home air con unitname indicates, the unit is mostly installed on a window sill for efficiency and performance. One notable feature about window air conditioners is that all the system components (compressor, evaporator, cooling coil, condenser, and expansion valve/coil) are sealed off in a single unit. Most people living in single room apartments use this type of air conditioner for it is cost effective and easy to install.

2. Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable air conditioners function in an almost similar way as the window systems, only that they have hose/hoses to operate efficiently. Such air conditioners are a preferred option for large and hotter rooms. These systems are however available in two types: single and dual hose systems. Single hose systems are considerably noisier though more efficient in smaller rooms. Dual hose systems are however much quieter and energy efficient. This system works by cooling air inside the house while using air from the outside to keep the system cool. This results in a more efficient and smoother running.

3. Split/Ductless Units

This type of air conditioner is significantly much larger and made up of two units. These systems are also much stronger and efficient, with one unit capable of keeping an entire house warm or cool without straining. The system, however, doesn’t need air vents to work, as it uses hoses to connect between the indoor cooling unit and the other unit outside. Although you may not need vents in the house, you certainly have to drill holes for the hoses to pass through. One of the key advantages of investing in such a system is that the system can be placed anywhere in the house.

4. Central Air Conditioning Units

This is considerably the best air conditioning system you can have in your home, especially if there are plenty of rooms to be cooled. The system is significantly larger than in other systems, and also uses numerous ducts to help keep the house cool. Although the system may be huge, it runs quietly from a room/space far away hence doesn’t get into anyone’s way. The system, however, has two units, with the condensing unit placed outside and the evaporative unit kept inside the house. Although the best option, several critical factors have to be considered to determine the best type, and size of a central air conditioning unit for your house.

These are the main AC systems you can invest in to help keep your room/house cool and at comfortable temperatures. You can also have an expert help you find the right system for your house as well.